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If You Want to Improve Your Business English, Take Action Today

If you want to take your Business English to the next level, sign up for a Free Trial.

During the class, your teacher will discuss your Business English goals and assess your level.

You can then buy one of our courses, and start improving your Business English at your own pace.

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Only 1-to-1 classes with a certified, native-speaking English teacher

There are many ways to learn Business English  – but nothing is more effective than learning 1-to-1 with a certified, native-speaking teacher.

Why? Because only a native-speaking teacher can give you expert feedback on your mistakes, help you improve your accent, and give you natural conversation practice.

Simply put, learning 1-to-1 with an expert teacher leads to the maximum progress in the shortest possible time.

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Professional courses for busy people

One big problem with group classes or fixed times is that circumstances sometimes stop you from attending. Hard-working, busy professionals need greater flexibility.

At Pro English Courses, YOU are in control of when and how often you learn.

Take classes at times that fit your schedule. Choose to take lessons once a week, multiple times a week – or any other frequency that suits you.


Need a break? No problem. Lesson credits never expire. So you can resume classes next week, next month – or whenever works for you.



Specialist materials designed for online learning

Our comprehensive Business English courses use CEFR-aligned materials that are specially designed for online language learning.

The courses cover all major aspects of work life to give you the grammar, vocabulary, and confidence you need to take your English to the next level.

During the classes you will focus on speaking to improve your fluency and develop your accent. But the other key language skills are also covered – reading, listening, and writing.

Along with regular homework and tests, you will have everything you need to master practical skills that you can use in your career.


Expert Business English teachers around the globe

All of our 60+ teachers are native-English speakers with qualifications to speak English as a foreign language.

​You can choose whether to take classes with one or multiple teachers. Learning with different teachers gives you a better understanding of accents and linguistic variations – a real asset in the multinational business world.

Plus, their global locations mean you can book with a teacher at a time that fits your schedule.

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World-class virtual classroom and booking system

The Business English classes take place in a top-of-the-range virtual classroom. Featuring video calling, text chatting, an interactive whiteboard, video playing, PDF viewing and more, you will enjoy the optimal learning experience.

All you need is a browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox, or Safari for Apple users), a microphone, and a camera.

Class management is handled by our intelligent booking system. Browse teachers’ profiles, then book, re-schedule, and cancel classes easily in your time zone.


Expert Business English teachers

If you want to make serious progress, then just attending classes is not enough.

For this reason, at the end of each class your teacher will send you homework as well as a PDF of what you covered in class. You will also be given regular tests to check your progress.

In addition, you will get a certificate when you finish a course. Share this document with colleagues, bosses, and potential employers, or place it on your social media accounts.

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Make Serious Progress with Your Business English