Advance Your Business English in 2021

Focus 100% on YOUR English goals

Flexible 1-to-1 classes with native-speaking teachers

Enjoy more opportunities in business and life

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Upgrade Your Business English


Do you have specific weaknesses that you finally want to improve? Do you need to become more fluent in certain topics?


Do you need to practise particular skills like giving presentations, writing emails, or negotiating?

If so, the Customized Course may be the perfect solution for you.

Focus on what matters most to your career with personalized lessons. You and your certified, native-speaking teacher will concentrate 100% on your individual learning goals.

Simply put, with the Customized Course you will make the maximum progress in the shortest possible time.

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The Ultimate English Course - Designed for Professionals

The Customized Course has the following features:

Online Business English classes

30 min online classes that cover all the major skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

1-to-1 classes with certified teachers

Work 100% on YOUR weaknesses and needs.

Your experienced teacher will customize the classes to suit your learning style.

Classes with native speakers only

Only native English speakers can help you improve your accent and pronunciation. Learn to speak modern, natural Business English.

Specialist Business English materials

Modern, CEFR-aligned materials teach you the vocabulary and grammar structures that you need in the business world today.

Interactive virtual classroom

Learn quicker using different activities, such as grammar and vocabulary exercises, videos, listening  and speaking activities.

Flexible booking for busy people

Take classes whenever you want – you are in charge. Complete the course as quickly or slowly as you like.

Free trial

Try before you buy - sign up for a free trial. A teacher will show you the course materials and check your English level.

Homework for continuous learning

To help you make serious progress, your teacher will give you homework and send you notes after each class.

Get a certificate

At the end of the course we will give you a certificate to demonstrate your progress.


Money back guarantee

If you take classes at Pro English Courses, you WILL improve your Business English significantly.

However, if you change your mind after buying the course, we will refund the money for all unused classes if you send us a request within 14 days.

Modern Business English Content

The materials used in the Customized Course will be chosen for your specific needs and goals.

Your teacher will be able to use parts of our special CEFR-aligned Business English materials, as well as other sources. Plus, you are welcome – and encouraged – to suggest your own materials!

Common topics include:

  • Interviews in English

  • Giving presentations

  • Discussing Fintech

  • And more.

Business Partners at Work

Make Serious Progress with the Customized Course

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Sign Up Today

Bronze Package

10 x 30 min classes


€17  per class

  • 1-to-1 with certified teachers

  • Native English speakers only

  • Class credits never expire

  • Book classes anytime

Silver Package

20 x 30 min classes


€15.50 per class

  • 1-to-1 with certified teachers

  • Native English speakers only

  • Class credits never expire

  • Book classes anytime


Gold Package

30 x 30 min classes


€14  per class

  • 1-to-1 with certified teachers

  • Native English speakers only

  • Class credits never expire

  • Book classes anytime

What Our Students Say


Helmut D.

The booking system was very easy to use and I could easily find a free class, also the virtual classroom was easy to connect and the video quality was perfect... The teacher was very friendly and a great teacher.


Anne S.

Overall I am very glad that I booked my English lessons at Pro English Courses and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their English level.

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Tomasz Z.

I really enjoyed my classes at Pro English Courses. My teacher was really good and friendly... I can feel that I speak English better at work, which is great!


Sylwia W.

Taking classes at Pro English Courses really helped me improve my business English. I need to learn with native speakers and they have many to choose from.

Commonly Asked Questions

What happens in the Free Trial class?

If you are not sure if this course is right for you, sign up for a Free Trial class first.

During this class your teacher will assess your Business English level and show you the course materials. You will also be able to check out our booking system and world-class virtual classroom.

What happens if I can’t attend a class I booked?

You can cancel classes at any time. Just find the class in your dashboard and click ‘Cancel’.

If you cancel a class more than 24 hours before it takes place, we will return the class credit to you. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the class, the class credit is lost.


​What about if I change my mind? Can I get my money back?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee for all unused classes.

If you want to quit the course, write to us within this time and we’ll refund you for all the classes you haven’t used.


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