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Become a C2 Speaker in 2021

Complete course that takes you from C1 to C2

Flexible 1-to-1 classes with native-speaking teachers

Enjoy more opportunities in business and life

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Upgrade Your Business English


Do you want to eclipse the competition, get noticed by peers and access exciting career opportunities?

If you are stuck on C1 or have just completed a B2 course, this course is for you.

The C1 Course is a comprehensive yet flexible programme that has everything you need to take your Business English to the next level. By the end you will be speaking, reading, and writing like a professional.

It consists of 100 x 30 min online classes spread over 18 units. All classes are 1-to-1 with certified, native-speaking teachers.

Book the classes whenever you want and complete the course at your convenience – you have complete control.

Stand out from the crowd with our C1 Course that will take your Business English from excellent to exceptional.

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The Ultimate C1 Course - Designed for Professionals

The C1 Course has the following features:

Online Business English classes

100 x 30 min online classes that cover all the major skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

1-to-1 classes with certified teachers

Work 100% on YOUR weaknesses and needs.

Your experienced teacher will customize the classes to suit your learning style.

Classes with native speakers only

Only native English speakers can help you improve your accent and pronunciation. Learn to speak modern, natural Business English.

Specialist Business English materials

Modern, CEFR-aligned materials teach you the vocabulary and grammar structures that you need in the business world today.

Interactive virtual classroom